Product Study

An exploration of products, with proof of concept thinking and analysis associated with their current and future capabilities alongside product-market fit. All thoughts are opinions based on my personal and professional experiences.

Make Asana More Valuable: Product Study

I believe opportunities exist to mature Asana's product functionality to make it more valuable to leadership and executives that drive and support project work and execution. This case study explores a few strategies.

"Vision" - A study of a new Plaid Product Offering

Finance is not "one size fits all". How can a leader in FinTech expand their offerings to enable segmentation and continue to reduce friction? Here's a proposal for a new product - Vision - I'll explore the potential value and use cases to consider.

Empowering investors with Robinhood

Robinhood has a tremendous opportunity to utilize the brand recognition, trust they've built, and exceptional design talent to complement their own products by providing financial literacy and teaching core investment strategies and philosophies to a largely uneducated, but interested audience.

A better way to board an airplane

In the world of things that cause unnecessary stress, boarding a plane is one of them. Everyone boards a little differently, and they all suffer from the same issues that leave the boarding process feeling inefficient and ripe for restructuring.