Thought Piece

Structured and unstructured thinking, often opinions biased by my own observations.

Do you know your Uber PNR?

PNRs and other similar constructs represent legacy patterns that may not be relevant to the consumer today. Can we decouple these concepts between the consumer and the enterprise while breaking dependence across industries?

Is productivity linear?

Sometimes it’s unclear how, if at all, the work you’re doing at a task level is contributing to a final product. One’s productivity might as well be zero, until you find the right route forward. If you were to graph the completion of a task/epic over time, I would venture it is far from linear.

iMessage and the silent takeover of SMS

Ever flinched from a green bubble in your iPhone chat? Time to thank Apple to taking SMS hostage, ensuring conformity along the way. I get it - it's tough to leave the Apple ecosystem, but have you considered looking over the walls?