Make Asana More Valuable: Product Study

I believe opportunities exist to mature Asana's product functionality to make it more valuable to leadership and executives that drive and support project work and execution. This case study explores a few strategies.

Cards in Web Design: Balancing Simplicity and Value

"Cards" are a fantastic trend in web design that come with a host of benefits that have contributed to a proliferation throughout the web and application design. Follow along on my own experience designing a "card" for a financial application.

Human Capital: Assets or Liabilities?

Imagine that you are an executive of a manufacturing company in any industry with a physical product (think automotive, agriculture, technology, consumer goods, etc.) As an executive, do you treat your own product inventory as an asset or a liability? How about your people?

"Vision" - A study of a new Plaid Product Offering

Finance is not "one size fits all". How can a leader in FinTech expand their offerings to enable segmentation and continue to reduce friction? Here's a proposal for a new product - Vision - I'll explore the potential value and use cases to consider.